bartender tools and equipment

Bartender Tools & Equipment: The Complete List

Every bar comes equipped with various bartender tools. And believe it or not, it can get quite confusing. From shiny spoons and shakers… to various filters, mallets, and spouts – there’s a fairly big list of bar equipment. Just like a chef and his knives, bartenders rely on their tools …

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How to Crush Your Bartending Job Interview

So you’ve got your resume. Your bartending license (if your state requires it). You’ve spent several days scouring the market for jobs, talking with managers and reaching out to friends and family. Now, it’s time for the inevitable… PS: This is Part I of our Bartending Interview Series. To check …

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List Item NYC Skyline | The 3 Best Bartending Schools NYC Has to Offer

The 3 Best NYC Bartending Schools

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the best NYC bartending schools. Whether you’re a New York City newcomer looking to get a sweet bartending gig… or a “Big Apple” local looking to improve your craft of bartending – this post is for you. Those wanting to impress potential …

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Do Bartenders Need to Have a Food Handlers Card?

Although this site is dedicated to bartenders and the licenses required to become one, there is another certification that we’re often asked about – the food handlers card. In the sections below we will cover what a food handlers card is and whether or not bartenders should become certified. Apron …

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bartending schools las vegas

The 3 Best Bartending Schools Las Vegas Has to Offer

Whether you’re trying to become a bartender in Las Vegas… or you simply want to improve your bartending skills in the one and only Sin City, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to take a dive into the top bartending schools Las Vegas has to offer. There’s …

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