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According to Montana state law, anyone who sells or serves alcohol MUST receive training from a state-approved company. Liquor license holders are required to ensure that ALL employees who serve or sell alcohol as well as their immediate supervisors are trained.

  • Renewal training is required every 3 years
  • Training must occur within 60 days of hire every three years

Alcohol Training Content:

  • Alcohol Server Training includes ways to identify and prevent sales and service to underage persons by covering multiple ways to identify fake or altered identification.
  • Training will also cover how to refuse a sale or service and how to handle difficult situations. Additionally, training will include learning signs of intoxication, standard drink units, behavior cues and evaluation models to help determine intoxication.
  • Online training is available. Our suggestion for online training is the course from ServingAlcohol.

Cost of Mandatory Training:

  • According to, the official state website, the law is silent as to whether the licensee or the employee is responsible for the cost of training. Costs are to be determined by agreement between the employer(licensee) and employee.

Training Providers for State of Montana:

  • Individuals looking for alcohol server/seller training should choose a company from the list HERE
  • For further assistance, contact a state certified trainer directly in your county to inquire about training HERE
  • Our suggestion? This course from ServingAlcohol

Minimum Age Required to Serve/ Sell Alcohol in the State of Montana:

  • Bartenders, waiters, or waitresses must be at least 18 years of age

Other Requirements That May Be Helpful:

  • Driver’s License or Passport
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Be able to stand long periods of time
  • Knowledge of basic drink recipes

Additional Resources

  • To find out an individual’s alcohol server/seller training record, click HERE
  • Education Calendar for State Classes – search by city, county, or date. If a state training cannot be located, click the above “state certified trainer”
  • Additional liquor educational material can be found HERE – download or order materials online.

For more information, we strongly recommend visiting:

    • The National Center for Alcohol Policy has recently awarded their third annual “Leadership in Alcohol Regulation” to Montana’s Liquor Education Unit of the Department of Revenue. Their site is very well organized and helpful!


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